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Under Graduate Course under CBCS

Madhya Kampeeth College has already been implemented the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in its Under Graduate Course as per the regulations of Under Graduate Choice Based Credit System (UG-CBCS), Gauhati University, 2019 from the Academic Year, 2019-2020. The summery of the regulation/guideline is as follows (source: www.gauhati.ac.in):

What is UG-CBCS ?

The undergraduate degree (UG) programme in the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) will have courses spread across six-semesters of any undergraduate degree course. Two consecutive (one odd and one even) semesters will make up an academic year. An UG course shall be of Six Semesters covering three Calendar Years (Academic Sessions – June to May). The duration of the Odd Semesters (First, Third, and Fifth) shall be June-November, and that of Even Semesters (Second, Fourth and Sixth) shall be December – May.

How does it work ?

The courses in GU UG-CBCS are categorised primarily into three types of courses – Core, Elective, and Ability/Skill Enhancement courses. All the core and elective courses will comprise of six (6) credits and the skill courses are of four (4) credits.

Core Course:

As the name suggests, a core course is a necessary course that a student MUST take in order to complete the degree. The number of core courses for Honours and Regular degrees are different.

Elective Course:

An elective course is the one for which a student has some kind of freedom to choose from a pool of courses. There are two kinds of elective courses – Generic and Discipline Specific. The generic elective courses are those, which can be chosen by a student belonging to any stream, while the discipline specific elective courses are particular to only the discipline concerned. However, a student pursuing an honours degree course can choose a generic elective from any other discipline except from the honours course itself.

Ability / Skill Enhancement Course:

An Ability or Skill Enhancement course is aimed at providing the student with skill and ability. These courses have four (4) credits each in contrast to the core or elective courses. The ability enhancement courses MUST be opted by a student and the student can choose papers from a pool of skill enhancement courses.

Dissertation / Project:

A student can opt (subject to conditions) a dissertation or a project work in lieu of a 6-credit discipline specific elective course in the sixth semester.

The Notion of Credit:

A student needs to earn a required number of credits in order to successfully complete a degree. The credit is closely related to the number of stipulated classes a student has to complete. The following table indicates the number of credit a student can earn for each type of indicated classes.

Class Duration Credit
1 Theory Class 1 Hour 1
1 Tutorial Class 1 Hour 1
1 Practical Class 2 Hours 1
Credit Allocation: B.A./B.Com. (Honours)        
Programme Template: B.A./B.Com. Honours 
Credit Allocation: B.A./B.Com. Regular           
Programme Template: B.A./B.Com. Regular  
N.B.:- Prepared by Gauhati University Authority