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College Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8 AM to 5 PM


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General Information


Regular attendance in class is compulsory for the students. Willful absence from the class will be treated as a serious breach of college discipline. Eligibility of students to appear in the final examination depends upon their attendance in the class as per rule by the university.

Identity Card

Every student should keep the identity card issued by the concerning authority in his/her possession during the college hours. For any loss or damaged identity card he/she must immediately report to the college authority.

College Uniform

Every student should dress himself/herself oompulsorily in prescribed college uniform allowed by the concerning authoriry in the campus or outside while representing the college.


Periodic intermal examinations are held throuthout the semester and the respective credits of these examinations are carried over to the final examinations.


Madhya Kampeeth College Library has thousands of books and a few Journals, Magazines and newspapers of both local and national repute. Students may borrow books from the library against their cards. They can utilize the reading room facilities. The students must abide by the existing rules while in the library.

Use of Mobile Phones

Use of mobile phones by students inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Anyone found using Mobile phone inside the campus will be punished severely.

Anti-Ragging Campus

Ragging is a social crime, so it is strictly prohibited. Anyone found indulging in any act of Ragging will be dealt with as per rule.


The college distributes national and state merit scholarship and ST/SC/OBC/MOBC scholarships as per the rules laid down by the Govt.

Students’ Union and college Magazine

The college has a students’ body named “Madhya Kampeeth college students’ union”. The college Magazine named as “Kampeethjyoti” is published regularly. There is also a wall Magazine named “Pratibimbo” which is also published at every now and then.


Students with good manners and courtesy in the eyes of college authority are always rated high and if a student at any course of time seen to have misbehaved anybody concerning is the college authority will severely be punished.

Concessional Admission

Students of deprived section of the society with meritorious results will be offered concessional admission by the college authority.

Use of Tobacco

Use of Tobacco, smoking or any kind of intoxicants is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.


1.The College follows the current Academic Calendar of Gauhati University for holidays and the students can download it from university website (www.gauhati.ac.in) or can collect it from College Authority.
2.The College Authority will inform the students about the commencement of new session at the time of admission.
3.College Hours: The college hour is from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM on all working days