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Principal's Desk

Madhya Kampeeth College, Borka ,Kamrup, Assam(R) has already been recognized by the education department of Assam as a growing centre of higher education in an agriculture based rural area covering the 22 villages mostly inhabited by poor and middle class people. The chief motto of this institution is to bring the rural students in contact with higher education through the main stream of life. Besides, the institution is committed to render benevolent service to the entire locality in respect of academic growth and enlightenment, maintaining socio-cultural, ethical and human values so that the locality , as a whole ,fully enjoy the benefit through the rays of quality education. All the concerning members of the institution whole-heartedly aspect that it will be turn into a more effective guiding centre of human resource development by the grace of government and co-operative support of the local people.


Mr. Hemen Sarma , M.A